To commemorate Tyson’s new FCFL team,

WAX is hosting a giveaway of autographed memorabilia!

The FCFL is the first professional sports league to combine the passion of live sport, the competition of fantasy sports, the engagement of video games, and the global reach of esports into a live-streamed experience for the digitally native fan. Learn more about FCFL x WAX

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Mike Tyson Joins FCFL

With all teams playing in the same city, fans will align themselves with a team based on their favorite Team Owner/Fan Captain. 

Mike Tyson joins a roster of Marshawn Lynch, Richard Sherman, Prince Royce, Kinda Funny, Bobby Bones, and Chad ‘Ochocinco’ Johnson.

Team Owners

FCFL brings the 

gaming experience to 


FCFL and Mike Tyson are giving away autographed merchandise on WAX!

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Mike Tyson

Joins FCFL

WAX and FCFL are pushing the envelope for what's possible with merchandise through the virtualization of each piece of FCFL merch. Buyers will receive their FCFL merchandise virtually in the form of vIRL, the dApp that virtualizes physical items, and can also redeem the vIRL for the physical version whenever they want and have it shipped to their address. As with all vIRLs, owners can trade, sell, or gift FCFL merchandise on the WAX Blockchain.